Residency 2020


A Poets’ Agora
is a Registered Non Profit Association
Located in Plaka,





In ATHENS, from May 16th to May 30th 2020

 Deadline for applications January 31st, 2020

Dear applicant,

A Poets’ Agora’s residency program is designed as an experience to pursue personal creative growth in the vibrant capital city of Athens, during two fulfilling weeks, allowing you to attend multiple contemporary art and cultural events, as well as to be inspired by the ancient architecture and marvels scattered around the city.

Living arrangements offer a space in a beautiful neoclassical apartment, with frescoes on the ceilings, in the center of Athens, in the old quarter of Plaka. You will be free to draw your own schedule and you will be given a small stipend to cover the costs of the cultural events, local transportation, etc. International and national travel expenses are the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants should have medical insurance.

The preferred applicants should be philhellenes, to some degree, and be interested in Hellenic literature. As an advantage, a degree of knowledge of modern Greek is welcome, but not required, as their poems will be written in either modern Greek or English and translated into the other language.

A Poets’ Agora wishes you will use this time in the best way possible to enhance your poetry writing, in Greek and/or English. A selection of your work (three poems or more) will then be published in accompaniment with our yearly edition, in late autumn of 2020.


Please fill in the information below to apply for A POETS’ AGORA 2-week Residency in Athens, from May 16th to 30th, 2020 and send it before January 31st 2020

(Copy the questions and send us your document by email:


Write a brief sketch of your life as a writer:

(No more than 20 lines)


Give the details of your academic and/or creative route:


List your publications and/or send samples of your work:

(Do not send more than 8 poems, either published or not yet published, but choose your best work)

Your artistic statement:

(What is the goal you want to reach by writing poetry, and being in Athens for this purpose?)

Write a work plan:

(We are interested in having a clear vision of what you intend to do during your Residency time; e.g. revise an anthology in progress, finish a book of poems, etc. We also consider your connection to Greece or Greek culture and how that would be incorporated in your production)